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    The Law Office of Lindsay D. DeVos, PLLC handles every type of family law case, whether it be uncontested, litigated or handled collaboratively. Please see click the link below to see a detailed description of the different types of matters.

    Areas of Practice
  • Professional Representation

    for Families Struggling through Difficult Times

    We have all been through family matters whether it be our own divorce or custody case, or supporting a loved one through such times. We believe our law office to be a good fit for your family – as we have all known the struggle and stress of difficult times like yours.

    About Us

Lindsay D. DeVos, PLLC

The Law Office of Lindsay D. DeVos, PLLC was established here in Mansfield, Texas in 2008. Lindsay decided to relocate her office, originally in Hurst, Texas to her current hometown as she was expecting her first child that same year. Lindsay immediately joined the Mansfield Area Chamber of Commerce and other local organizations to which she has made numerous business connections as well as friendships.

They gave me the confidence I needed to get through this emotional ordeal.

A friend recommended Lindsay DeVos Law Firm for my divorce. I knew Lindsay and her staff were a match after my first meeting. Lindsay and Kayla walked me through each step and held my hand the entire way. When I had a question they were quick to respond. During trial, Lindsay was very professional and made me feel at ease. They gave me the confidence I needed to get through this emotional ordeal. Although my case is settled, I will consider them both friends.

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Areas of Practice

  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Child Support
  • Termination / Adoption
  • Name Change

Professional Counsel

Lindsay D. DeVos will handle your case in a professional manner while also being understanding of the sensitive nature and emotional affects these cases can cause you and your family.

Experienced and Informative

Our office has handled family law matters for ten years and can give you more detailed and confidential information at your consultation!

Encouraging and Supportive

Our office realized that these types of cases can cause a lot of strain both mentally and emotionally on you and your family. Therefore, we strive to be supportive and encouraging to you throughout the case while also ensuring that you and your children are protected.


Children & Parenting Plans

How is child support calculated?

Child support is general calculated in accordance with Chapter 154 of the Texas Family Code and is generally calculated based on the Obligor’s income.  The…


How does the court determine custody?

Determination of custody in the State of Texas is not a simple “cut and dry” topic.  Because every case has a different and personal set…


How is child support determined?

Child support can be determined and set by agreement of the parties in an uncontested case or by the Judge if the case goes to…



How long does a divorce typically take?

There is no specific answer to this popular question as there are so many different things that can affect it.  It depends on the issues…


What is the difference between Legal Separation and a Divorce?

The State of Texas does not recognize “legal separation” however there are other more detailed options that can be discussed at your confidential consultation.



How much will your representation cost?

The cost of divorce and/or custody cases is determined on a case by case basis at your initial consultation.  There are so many different issues…


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